Complete Configuration AmigaOne X5000 2GB Ram - 500GB HDD

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Complete AmigaNG X5000 2GHz
2GB Ram / Harddrive 500GB configuration :

2GB memory, 500GB mecanical harddisk, 1GB graphic's card, Audio card, Ethernet card,
DVDRW, AmigaOS 4.1 FE Special X5000
Software Enhancer Plus and Personnal Paint CDRom included !
One Free Amiga Game included !

!! New !!
Three Times Payment possible !
(offer subject to condition)

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1 749,17 €

  • 500GB 3.5 Harddrive / Standard Power Supply
  • 1TB 3.5 Harddrive / Modular Power Supply
  • 250GB SSD Harddrive / Modular Power Supply
  • Full payment
  • Three times payment

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Complete AmigaNG X5000 2GHz / 2GB / 500GB configuration :
Ready to run configuration which includes :

  •     Fractal Core 3300 with its special 'Boing Ball' engraved front door
  •     One standard 500W power supply
  •     The Cyrus+ X5000 motherboard with its P5020 @ 2GHz processor
  •     2GB of 1600MHz memory (used at 1333MHz)
  •     One R7 250 1GB graphic's card (Warp3D and compositing compatible)
  •     One PCI Express x1 sound card
  •     One ethernet card
  •     One 500GB 3.5 harddisk
  •     One DVD writer
  •     AmigaOS 4.1 installed !
  •     Software Enhancer Plus and Personnal Paint are also installed and CDRom are included !
  •     One Free Amiga game offered for all order !
  •     Screen, Keyboard, Mouse not supplied

!! Special Offer !!
Following a new agreement with A-Eon / Trevor Dickinson, you can now make a three times payment
for your order, please just choose the option for it and we'll send a mail with all details !